Travel Around the World with Marlou’s Writings

Marlou Daniels is an eminent personality in California and he is well known as a writer, business person, blogger, and researcher. He writes more on travel and he particularly focuses on tourism and leisure travels. He regularly contributes for local newspaper and travel magazines in terms of guide book and short stories. He got the incredible writing skill and knowledge through his studies and training. He did his degree in journalism at San Francisco University in California. According to him, life is full of hidden beauty and it can be explored by starting a travel journey. These journeys will open the eyes and helps them to enjoy the real beauty of nature. Life consists of many unexpected journeys and it helps to understand the world better. In each and every travel, he learnt many things of life and the most important one lesson of life. This lesson helps to understand the inner personality and it is the best way to enjoy life.

Apart from writing, he also shows great interest in business and he succeeded in his business with the amazing knowledge. He associated himself in business by opening up hotels, resorts and many other businesses. His craze of visiting new places still continues today and wants to explore the extraordinary features of life. He is an amazing photographer and he brings camera in all is travel. The highlights of his writing are it contains the photographs taken by him, which helps him to explain the travel in more detail. He takes pictures of locals and beautiful landscapes of all places he visits. He takes this opportunity to practice photography.

He looks forward to mingle with new people and he lives as local men by exploring the cultures and traditions of visited place. For Louis, writing and photography are the great way of sharing his talent to the world and he inspires many people with his dedication he shows towards his profession. He has traveled to many world countries like France, Malaysia, Tripoli, Tibet, Carolina, some parts southern Asia and many more places. He writes his articles by sitting in two-engine aircraft and takes picture while traveling in Taxi. Readers also enjoy the traveling delight along with Louise and his writings are contains readers engaging elements, so they will never feel bored up in any place. Marlou is also a social contributor and he conducts workshops for homeless kids in his leisure time. He loves pets and he has 3 in his home. He feeds them with love and care as well as pet vitamins. He has the wonderful ability of converting his ideas and thoughts into a story in front of the reader’s eyes.

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