Effective Communication In Art

Passion is the driving force behind many people, and something that can help them to reach new heights. This is certainly the case with Krystal Velasquez, who has taken the time to give herself to her own passionate interests. Currently, she is studying in her third year of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Here, she has learned about what art can do and how it can shape the world. Art is a unique subject which allows people to transform not only themselves, but the world around them. It is also something which allows an individual to express his or her creativity. This is something that Velasquez has embraced fully, and has learned quite a lot about in the last few years.

One of her other passions is travel. She has taken the time to see a large chunk of the world, traveling from one continent to the other. Travel is a subject that can help a person to broaden their mind. It is about more than just reading and studying, however. It is something that a person has to be proactive about. An individual needs to get up and start taking a look around, start taking that final dip and being adventurous. Adventurous people are always going to find a way of learning more about the world and experiencing new cultures. Through experiencing new cultures, she has learned a lot about her own and how she came to be there.

Writing is something that Velasquez has also linked with her traveling. It is through her travel writing for numerous publications that she has come to learn so much about the world. Her freelance work in this area has given her a lot to consider and a lot to think about. Her passions with art only help her to improve her own writing ability and let her understand the true beauty that is in the world. She also likes to play mobile games like Brave Frontier Hack and Summoners War Hack as her past time.

There is a bright future ahead for Krystal Velasquez. There is plenty to do and see, and now she is looking to take advantage of her own skills in order to get out there into the world.

In being able to write, she has learned to communicate effectively. She can offer more information to people who want to follow in her footsteps and learn more about their society. Undoubtedly, these skills will help her to continue on her way to following her own dreams and passions.

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