Website Hosting Plans – Which is best for you?

Website in boxIf you do a search for website hosting plans you will find that there are lots of companies providing this service at different prices and offering different levels of service.  The aim of this website is to help you choose and offer our own recommendation.

The first question to consider is will your site be used for any purpose that might be considered commercial?  If not, you might consider using a Squidoo Lens or a blog on, which are free, instead of buying your own domain name and researching the many website hosting plans available. If you want to own your own domain, and to be fully in control, then you will need to consider website hosting plans.  There are a number of cheap deals around and you can get hosting free (although I would not recommend this). As well as the price you need to consider:

  • Do you pay monthly, annually etc?
  • How long are you locked in for?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
  • How many domains are you allowed?
  • Is a domain included?
  • How many databases are you allowed?
  • How much bandwidth are you allowed?
  • How much disk space are you allowed?
  • How fast  and reliable is the service?
  • Do you want Linux or Windows hosting?
  • Is there an upgrade path in case your site becomes very busy?
  • Does the Control Panel have all the functionality you need?
  • How good is the support (very important!)?

Bear in mind that it is actually easy to become a “reseller” of hosting services which means that anyone can set-up in business selling website hosting plans.  If you sign up with a reseller the infrastructure will be provided by a large provider but your agreement will be with the reseller who will be responsible for their own pricing and customer support (often a weakness).

Having considered the above points we have decided to keep it simple and make a single recommendation for website hosting plans – HostGator

They have been in business since 2002 and are now one of the top 10 website hosting providers.   We believe that it is preferable to be with a reputable company who are actually providing the hosting service as they are not likely to disappear.  Their services meet our criteria for website hosting plans (see Hosting Facts) and they have a very good reputation for customer support.

If you are planning a WordPress powered site HostGator and WordPress make a good combination, indeed, this is a good way to get the best WordPress Hosting.

Travel Around the World with Marlou’s Writings

Marlou Daniels is an eminent personality in California and he is well known as a writer, business person, blogger, and researcher. He writes more on travel and he particularly focuses on tourism and leisure travels. He regularly contributes for local newspaper and travel magazines in terms of guide book and short stories. He got the incredible writing skill and knowledge through his studies and training. He did his degree in journalism at San Francisco University in California. According to him, life is full of hidden beauty and it can be explored by starting a travel journey. These journeys will open the eyes and helps them to enjoy the real beauty of nature. Life consists of many unexpected journeys and it helps to understand the world better. In each and every travel, he learnt many things of life and the most important one lesson of life. This lesson helps to understand the inner personality and it is the best way to enjoy life.

Apart from writing, he also shows great interest in business and he succeeded in his business with the amazing knowledge. He associated himself in business by opening up hotels, resorts and many other businesses. His craze of visiting new places still continues today and wants to explore the extraordinary features of life. He is an amazing photographer and he brings camera in all is travel. The highlights of his writing are it contains the photographs taken by him, which helps him to explain the travel in more detail. He takes pictures of locals and beautiful landscapes of all places he visits. He takes this opportunity to practice photography.

He looks forward to mingle with new people and he lives as local men by exploring the cultures and traditions of visited place. For Louis, writing and photography are the great way of sharing his talent to the world and he inspires many people with his dedication he shows towards his profession. He has traveled to many world countries like France, Malaysia, Tripoli, Tibet, Carolina, some parts southern Asia and many more places. He writes his articles by sitting in two-engine aircraft and takes picture while traveling in Taxi. Readers also enjoy the traveling delight along with Louise and his writings are contains readers engaging elements, so they will never feel bored up in any place. Marlou is also a social contributor and he conducts workshops for homeless kids in his leisure time. He loves pets and he has 3 in his home. He feeds them with love and care as well as pet vitamins. He has the wonderful ability of converting his ideas and thoughts into a story in front of the reader’s eyes.

The Pros Of Teaching Football To Young Kids

Football is described by a lot of people as a type of sport that can be played by anyone. In other words, you don’t have to be an athlete or a professional football player in order to enjoy the game. Aside from this, kids and young children can also enjoy playing a game of football. As a matter of fact, many experts suggest that kids should be exposed to the game as early as possible. This will help them train their bodies well and become great athletes in the future. Because of this, a lot of football enthusiasts help train kids at a very young age in order to enhance their skills. One of these enthusiasts is none other than Mr. Juan Erickson.


Kids playing football outside Turku

Kids playing football outside Turku (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Benefits of Playing Football at an Early Age

According to he, encouraging kids to play football at a young age is very effective in boosting their confidence. Aside from this, it will also help them feel the feeling of accomplishment whenever they score a goal in a particular football game. He also mentioned that kids who are engaged in sporting activities will be able to enhance their drive for survival. This is very essential especially when it comes to developing the kid’s character. In addition to this, he also said that character development starts at an early age. Because of this, engaging kids into sports such as football can expose themselves in activities that can sharpen their determination and drive.


Another benefit of football that he pointed out is that the sport can help open new things for children to learn and explore through FIFA 16 cheats. This can greatly affect the way they approach or face different people and situations. In other words, children who are trained in football or any other sports can grow into a better person. This is because football plays a huge role in the child’s character development. Aside from this, allowing children to play and compete in small football events and tournaments will allow them to become aware of the feeling of success and failure. This will eventually help them face and handle different situations and challenges in life as they grow older. This means that children who play football young will most likely develop a strong personality with the right attitude.


Training Kids in Loving the Sport

Because of the countless benefits that football can provide to children, Juan Erickson spends most of his time training and coaching kids in playing football. Aside from the fact that he loves to play football, he is also fond of coaching kids, which makes it easier for him to become a coach. This is also the reason why he is very effective in motivating children in playing football like FIFA 16 coin generator.

How To Measure The Security Standards Of Search Results

Diagram of the search engine concept (de)

Diagram of the search engine concept (de) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Security is always a major concern in most search engines on the internet. This is why it is so important to carry out various internet security checks before a particular search engine is approved for public use. A good example is the introduction of the leading online search engine. So many users have always been concerned about the level of security in various search portals but according to a recent study, this modern website is so far the most trusted and secure.

This search engine has been verified and approved by all the major internet security software firms. In fact, it has been approved by leading internet security software firms such as Malwarebytes key, Securi and Virus Total as a secure, reliable and useful search engine. The fact that this website complies with all security requirements is enough proof of the authenticity of its search results.

If you have always been concerned with the levels of security when browsing various search engines, you should feel at ease now that you are sure of a secure and reliable website that provides useful information when you need it. This search engine is free from all types of malicious threats including spyware, malwarebytes key and the threat of online hijackers. Also keep in mind that is it not that easy to receive the seal of approval as far as internet security is concerned. There are so many websites that have tried to prove their levels of security only to be informed that they are not fit enough to be approved by the security verification companies.

This also shows how this website is dedicated to providing a hassle-free experience for the users as they search for all types of information on the internet. For example, some internet security companies such as Virus Total normally require 42 scans before a website is approved to be safe from malicious threats. This is also enough proof of the type of expertise practiced by this search engine for the sake of its loyal users from all corners of the world.

However, for those who wish to measure and confirm the level of security of the search results, there are some simple steps that should be followed. You need to type the website’s address into the test page of the internet security software such as Securi. This will be followed by intense scanning and verifications and at the end, you will receive a full report regarding its security standards.

Effective Communication In Art

Passion is the driving force behind many people, and something that can help them to reach new heights. This is certainly the case with Krystal Velasquez, who has taken the time to give herself to her own passionate interests. Currently, she is studying in her third year of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Here, she has learned about what art can do and how it can shape the world. Art is a unique subject which allows people to transform not only themselves, but the world around them. It is also something which allows an individual to express his or her creativity. This is something that Velasquez has embraced fully, and has learned quite a lot about in the last few years.

One of her other passions is travel. She has taken the time to see a large chunk of the world, traveling from one continent to the other. Travel is a subject that can help a person to broaden their mind. It is about more than just reading and studying, however. It is something that a person has to be proactive about. An individual needs to get up and start taking a look around, start taking that final dip and being adventurous. Adventurous people are always going to find a way of learning more about the world and experiencing new cultures. Through experiencing new cultures, she has learned a lot about her own and how she came to be there.

Writing is something that Velasquez has also linked with her traveling. It is through her travel writing for numerous publications that she has come to learn so much about the world. Her freelance work in this area has given her a lot to consider and a lot to think about. Her passions with art only help her to improve her own writing ability and let her understand the true beauty that is in the world. She also likes to play mobile games like Brave Frontier Hack and Summoners War Hack as her past time.

There is a bright future ahead for Krystal Velasquez. There is plenty to do and see, and now she is looking to take advantage of her own skills in order to get out there into the world.

In being able to write, she has learned to communicate effectively. She can offer more information to people who want to follow in her footsteps and learn more about their society. Undoubtedly, these skills will help her to continue on her way to following her own dreams and passions.

Outside Adventures – Things To Expect

On the first day of the wilderness adventures camping trip, the participants would be met by the firm representatives at the departure city airports. There would be lots of new people around and the participants could feel lost in the crowd. However, there would be nothing to worry, as things would become easier and participants would end up making lots of friends in Hay Day. Usually by dinner time on the first day, the participants would feel at home and would not feel like missing their family and friends.

On the first night, the participants would be taught how to put up their tents and how to feel comfortable in the outdoors. The welcoming meal would be shared among the participants and then there would be some fun activities organized around the camping fire. In case of international trips, the participants would be taught local customs and traditions, so that the stay at the destination becomes far smoother and hassle-free.

On the domestic trips, the participants would learn new things and acquire new skills. The skills would be relating to setting up a tent, arranging a backpack, and putting in the dry bag for the water experience. On the foreign trips, participants would be given language lessons so there are no problems faced by the participants while interacting with the local people. It does not matter which place or locality the trip is scheduled for, all the skills relating to doing things on their own would be taught to the participants. There would be lots of challenges and hiking activities in the trip. The challenges and tasks in the initial stages would be easier. Once the participants gets used to the challenges and gain a comfort level, tougher activities would be organized too. Those activities would look tough to a common man. But to participants who have gone through the experience of doing smaller tasks before would not find it that difficult. After the first week, camp members would be able to share experiences and accomplishments which they would have only dreamt of before.

Each day of the trip would be devoted to some activity or the other; let that be backpacking, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, or bicycling. The participants would be able to learn new skills and those who already have those skills, would be able to sharpen them to a great extent through Hay Day hack. Information relating to the gear, the traveling mode, the food to be eaten, communication methodologies, and sleeping patterns would all be sent across to the participants.

Football Coaching Expertise

Sport in childhood. Association football, show...

Sport in childhood. Association football, shown above, is a team sport which also provides opportunities to nurture social interaction skills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Morris Pellegrini is a well known sports and football enthusiast who has dedicated most of his life to the sport. Many of his friends and colleagues consider him as one of the best football coaches ever. This is the reason why he is commonly regarded as “The Coach” since he is able to shape any team into victory. Morris Pellegrini also played as a professional player of football. Soon after that, he also became a football coach before he decided to retire. Nowadays, he mostly spends his time as a father to his son and as a sports consultant. He is also very passionate about writing or blogging, which is why he also blogs most of his articles about football. Because of his expertise when it comes to playing the game, his opinions and views are considered to be important and valuable to many people. He writes about all the exciting matches and games of football and even talks about his favorite players such as Franco Baresi as a libero.

Morris Pellegrini is also fond of other exciting and outdoor activities and also the use of FIFA 15 Coin Generator in playing FIFA. He also spends time doing mountain climbing, rappelling, backpacking and as well as hiking just to name a few. Aside from this, he also makes use of his articles as a way to inspire kids in playing sports such as football. According to him, parents could take a huge role or responsibility in encouraging their kids into playing sports. He believes that sports could be a great pastime for kids and it could also help improve their physical condition and overall health. According to him, parents could definitely be the personal coaches of kids since they are considered to be their kids’ role models.

For Morris’, experience, knowledge and background of the sport are very essential factors that coaches must have in order to become a successful and effective football mentor. However, the number one thing that most players and coaches must always possess is their passion and lover for football. Playing or mentoring kids about football will not be effective if the person doing it lacks the motivation and the interest with the sport. That is why parents should at least be enthusiastic in teaching or guiding their kids in playing football. He also mentioned that the number one priority of coaching should not be the victory of the team, but the fun, safe and satisfying experience of the children while playing FIFA 15 Coins with their friends and being supported by their parents.

Qualities Men Learn From Independent Women

If you are looking for qualities that men learn from independent women, maybe this will help. There are many qualities that men can learn from women. Independent women are like premium cigars, they are the best of the best.

Independent women are confident and do not need anyone to define them. They are also comfortable in their own skin. They are decisive. They educate themselves so they can make sensible decisions. They are financially stable. This means, that they have a job or are earning money in some legal way. They also depend on god. They pray, read the scriptures, respect others, and value themselves. They are proud of who they are as a person and as a woman. Independent women are also straight forward but also respectful, they know that it is ok to feel down, is determined and able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to, is patient with herself and others around her, and has great goals and desires. She is willing to do whatever it takes to makes her dreams come true. She also appreciates and values the worth of those around her. These are the qualities that men strive to obtain as well.

Many men admire women who are self-assured, good self-worth, independent, respectful of others, and established. They respect them for the things that they have been able to accomplish and who they are as people. Many of the men find it attractive. Men who like successful women are usually independent, established, and self-assured themselves, or they are dependent and unsure of themselves. Men who are independent are more confident and enjoy what they do.  Men who are dependent may enjoy an independent woman and like they the woman has a purpose in life.

Men also value a woman her has her own life and own achievements, just like most men do. They like it when they have their own dislikes, likes, and hobbies.  They like a woman who is also not clingy and who can take a challenge because they feel secure and safe around them.

Both men and women should try to have the qualities of independent women that guarantee you to have a balanced and healthy relationship with those around you. They should both should have a good sense of boundaries, that you are a whole person and have a healthy lifestyle. They need to not work too much, eat, and drink too much, or do anything that is excessive. Both men and women should be self-confident and that you can handle new things. Both of you should be independent and not codependent and also be able to communicate and solve conflicts. Both should also be non-resistant to change. You both should know that change is a natural part of life.

So as you can see, many men like women who is independent and who can think for themselves just like they do. They admire those qualities and strive to have those same independent, self assured and confident characteristics also.

Tips For Choosing Your Custom Blinds

Window blind

Window blind (Photo credits: PB Teen)

Choosing custom blinds seems easy when you are browsing your options at the furniture store. However, making your new additions fit in with the style and atmosphere of the rest of your home is a little more difficult. There are a lot of choices to make. For example, you have to decide between horizontal or vertical blinds and thin or wide slats. Make things a little easier for yourself by going through your home room by room before you visit a furniture store.

How to Choose Blinds for Your Home

Each room of your house has its own needs with regard to blinds. In some rooms, your desire for privacy may override anything else. In others, you may be more concerned about the amount of sun light entering or being blocked from entering the house. In all of your rooms, you want your Venetian blinds to work with the décor and dimensions around them.

• Living Room

This room is the part of the house where you are going to do most of your entertaining. It is the most public of your rooms and the most likely section of the house that guests will see. For these reasons, people tend to take special measures to ensure that it is always presentable. The blinds that you choose for this room need to impress while they simultaneously work well with the surroundings.

A lot of homeowners with this choice before them choose to invest in wooden blinds. These stylish additions will fit in with many different decors and always remain elegant. There are a variety of wood finishes that will help your blinds blend in with any living room setting.

• Kitchen

The most common activities in the kitchen involve food preparation. You need decent lighting for this but you also want to block out harsh sunlight. Many people choose vinyl blinds to cover their kitchen windows because they are effective and easy to clean if a kitchen accident gets them dirty. You can also find false wood that gives the appearance of wood without risking the damage that kitchen humidity might cause.

• Bedrooms

The bedroom provides you with a retreat from the world. You need strong blinds that will keep out sunlight and keep the outside world far away. This might be the right place for horizontal blinds. Using wooden Venetian blinds can create a certain classic atmosphere while vinyl blinds will add a modern touch to a bedroom.

• Patios

With vertical blinds, made from aluminum or vinyl, you can showcase your patio to visitors. At the same time, you can adequately close off the interior of your house if you need to do so. These blinds are easier to clean but fabric blinds may be the stylish choice for your domicile.

Many custom blinds may work in your home. However, you need to find the blinds that also work for you. offers tons of variety and you can use Amazon Gift Card Generator to get massive discounts. Once you have them installed, you will see that taking your time choosing the right blinds was worth it.

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Bathroom Blinds

Window blind

Window blind (Photo credits: PB Teen)

Choosing the perfect blinds for your bathroom can be difficult. After all, bathrooms get heavy use, so window coverings in these areas need to be up to the challenge. In addition to fitting your budget and your personal style, bathroom blinds need to preserve your privacy, be able to withstand moisture, allow in sufficient light and be fairly low maintenance. The tips below will help you to select the perfect coverings for your bathroom windows.


If you live in a very rural area or your bathroom looks out on a forest, you may not be overly concerned with concealment, but if your bathroom windows face neighbors’ houses, a street or even your yard, privacy is probably an issue. While many people believe that dark-colored blackout shades are the best choice for preserving privacy, there are other options.

To ensure your privacy without turning your bathroom into a dark cave, consider the following points:
• Top-down/bottom-up styles allow you to control your privacy without sacrificing natural light.
• Light-colored treatments made of aluminum or faux wood give the illusion of brightness while providing total privacy.
• Blinds with large slats made of an opaque material will let in light without exposing you to your neighbors.


Coverings for bathroom windows need to be able to stand up to heat and moisture. If you have a small bathroom or windows close to a shower or tub, you need to choose waterproof window treatments. Even if you have a large bathroom, you should still consider a water-resistant style because bathrooms tend to be very humid.

The following are good materials to consider when choosing window coverings for high-moisture areas like bathrooms:
• PVC is sturdy, waterproof and comes in a variety of styles to suit any decorating scheme.
• Aluminum is both resistant to rust and economical.
• Faux wood has the look of wood but will not warp.
• High-quality, water-resistant fabrics are designed for use in bathrooms and kitchens.


The trick with bathrooms is to maximize both light and privacy. This means that you probably want to avoid both translucent styles and blackout window treatments. Instead, opt for semiopaque materials and top-down/bottom-up styles as these provide the best balance between privacy and brightness. If you need more protection than these styles provide, consider light-simulating blinds. These offer complete privacy while providing the illusion of natural light.


Although it can be tempting to choose coverings for your windows based only on appearance, this is a decision you may come to regret. Fancy fabrics and materials with sandblasted or grained finishes can be a nightmare to clean. Since the bathroom is a high-traffic area, think about buying products that require little maintenance.

Some points to consider include the following:
• A product with an antistatic finish will repel dust.
• Styles with smooth or satin finishes will be easy to wipe clean.
• Cellular or roller shades will collect less dust than horizontal slats.
• Aluminum and PVC blinds are very easy to clean with a damp cloth.